Ready for Adventure

Puppy Prep works to help you understand the needs of your chosen breed, how to build the best relationship with your puppy. This isn't just for first time owners, we forget what it's like to have a puppy when our pup is all grown up, refresh your memory today.

Puppy Prep Consultation £75

A 1.5 hour appionment that will cover:

  • Getting your home ready - Top tips on puppy proofing your house and garden

  • Den/Create training - Providing your puppy with a safe space, and how this will help with toilet training.

  • Toilet training - A kind and effective way of teaching your puppy where it's OK to toilet.

  • Puppy Biting - Understanding why your puppy bites and how to deal with it.

  • Chewing -Learn how to teach your puppy what to chew and what not to chew.

  • Settling in - All about your first day and night, what to expect and how to set up a routine.

  • Socialisation and Habituation - How to help your puppy grow into a confident, optimistic dog.

  • Diet - Dog food is a mind field, advice on the different foods available.

  • Bonding - How to build the best possible relationship with your puppy.

  • Potential problems - Helping you understand how to prevent potential resource guarding of toys and food.

  • Children and puppy safety - What do safe interactions look like and how to encourage them.

  • Breed traits - How you can fulfil and enrich your puppy’s life.

Puppy Prep + £125

  • Puppy Prep Consultation + 6 week Puppy Life Skills

Postcodes covered: MK3, MK4, MK10, MK14, MK15, MK16, MK40, MK41, MK42, MK43, MK44, MK45, MK46

Other areas are covered for an additional £5 fee.

Puppy Prep